About Company


The origins of the company date back to 1967. At this time, Ralph Schöpp was the first who produced the tennis carpet surface. The following years was the intense developement to the company. In 1994, Ralph Schöpp Jr., continuing the family tradition, became the leader of the company. He is an educated engineer with a specialization in textile processes. From more than 20 years he is focused on developement of the company and improvement offering products. This man loves his work and believes in one, main idea: “Only running business with heart and devotion will bring a true satisfaction.

In contrast to other manufacturers surfaces courts, a company distinguished by direct sales. As a result, combined with years of experience in the manufacture, installation and equipping of sports facilities, our company ensures that the client receives a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs – EVERYTHING FROM FIRST HAND.


In 2010 was a branch of the Schopp Sportboden in Poland. Surface “slide” was introduced to your property Recreation and Sports Fabianowo in Poznan Rafal Czarciński, engineer and long-term tennis instructor. From that moment on carpet surfaces by Schopp increasing numbers appear on the sports map of Polish, constantly expanding group of satisfied customers.


Experience and innovation coupled with high quality are advantages, which have opened the way to new labour markets. From the beginning of our company, in various European countries arised more then 4000 tennis courts, which construction was based on our products.

Schopp Poland offers

  • Production and installation of carpet textile coverings for tennis or another hall sports
  • Production and installation of artificial grass for agility sports
  • Production and installation of certified protective curtains for tennis courts
  • Dissembling of old , worn-out carpet surface
  • Installation floors made of PCV, linoleum or wood (badminton, squash , aerobics and other sports)
  • Installation of flexible floor systems: wooden structures, system constructions, a flexible layer
  • Production of movable badmington courts
  • Accessory (eg. separating grid tennis courts, curtains, vacuum cleaners, accessories to surface care, etc.)


  • 1967 – the founder of the company Ralph Schöpp was the first manufacturer of carpet floor covering textile, which successfully began to be used as a surface for tennis
  • 1994 – management of company takes over Ralph Schöpp Jr, continuing a family tradition
  • 1996 – swiss distribution branch of the company is came into being. At the head of it is Micaela Fischer-Schopp and Eric Andreas Fischer
  • 1997 – in Remscheid a new production hall is being launched. At the same time, Micheal Schopp subsidized the company
  • 2001 – Thanks to launch an assembly line of artificial grass, the company joined its range of products dedicated to sport and recreational facilities in the open air
  • 2001 – The invention of a unique in its properties of granules Perfect Glide, helped launch a revolutionary solution which support classic fill rubber-based surface.
  • 2010 – a Polish branch of the company Schopp is formed in Poznań led by Rafał Czarciński
  • 2011 – Modern production line is created, so that the new kind of pin point flexible base is appeared in company offer