Extensive customer service

Thanks to 30-years experience we know, how important is extensive customer service. Coming across customers expectations our offer was complemented with essential accesories used in tennis halls and sports objects.


Individualise your object

Schopp has been produced tennis drapes since year 1999. It is perfectly adjusted to tennis court colours and it makes old hall look well-cared and esthetic.


Technical specification

  • Installed on metal line across whole tennis hall
  • Size of drapes (height) – bespoke
  • 50% more material to get curtain impression
  • Drapes are installed on pitons (hidden after installation)
  • Colour adjusted to carpet
  • Loaded with counterweight
  • Installation made by Schopp


  • We produce curtains from best materials NRO – class B1
  • Installation system keep on metal line allow height regulations
  • Additional functionality is soundproofing and making place cozy
  • Drapes are installed at two spaced corners, at both sides. Drapes catches the balls and amortize them. They are build from noncombustible material.

Material specification

Drapes are build from noncombustible material which can be legally installed in public objects. It is highly veryfied material applied in majority of tennis halls in Germany.


  • Ensure highest hygienic standards
  • Good dermatological and antiallergic influence
  • Permanent antimicrobial action
  • Prevents unpleasent smell
  • Operates activelly at the surface of fibre
  • Loundry doesn’t have influence on quality
  • Sensuous and airy
  • Low absorbtion of humidity
  • Short drying time

Poliester fibre used in material

It is antibacterial and build of silver ions on ceramical basis. Silver ions operates permanentl eminating bacterials from surface of material. It also minimize risk of allergy.


Granulate cleaner and maintenance machine

CZYSZ4Carpet Wonder is multifunctional machine using as a granulate cleaner from court surface. It eliminates dirt, small stones and deliver clean granulate to the carpet.

Cleaning process is easy and takes place inside the machine.

There is no better way to keep carpet with granulate in best condition for a long time. During operation machine is quiet and do not disturb players playing on other courts. That’s why it is not necessary to close sports object during cleanup.


Offer addition

Additionally Schopp Poland offers tennis nets, backstops between to courts and brushes to clean up the courts after play.


Tennis backstop

Tennis backstop

Tennis net

Tennis net

Tennis brush

Tennis brush


Schopp Sportboden offers tennis halls accesories.




Umpire stool

Umpire stool