Badminton surfaces

Badminton surfaces

Besides production and installation of the tennis surfaces we offer badminton surfaces.

Doesn’t matter, if you are looking for portable badminton surface made in our manufacture or you are looking for permanent, elastic sports surface made of PCV, linoleum or parquet floor – Schöpp-Sportboden will be competent, capable partner for you. Obviously, this kind of surfaces are appropriate to other sport disciplines too!

Badminton surfaces

Main management problem with tennis courts is its itinerancy and variability of cusrtomer’s expectations.
For a wider offer it is often good to have a possibility for quick use of unexploited space. For that reason, our mobile badminton courts are the best possible solution.

Badminton mobile courts can be installed on almost all types of tennis courts.

Depending on placement of light there could be even four badminton courts on one tennis court, especially when Tennis Club have a couple of unused courts. Then it is a good idea for temporary or seasonal addition of movable badminton court.
Optimal dimensions for four badminton fields placed on standard tennis court.



  • One-piece of PCV carpet with elastic lower layer
  • Movable stand with burden and regulation of net high
  • Tournament net with tensioning device
  • Carpet color: blue with yellow or white line in width 4 cm
  • Roll plastic core to easier rolling, transport and storage badminton court
  • Sheathed upright posts with high regulation, which is useful for children tennis
  • Free delivery

Mobile system advantage

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Possibility to install on fla velour surfaces as well as on hard surfaces (after adaptation)
  • Optimal dimensions for four badminton fields placed on standard tennis court
  • Easy and quick installation allows using in selected days

Permanent sport surface must be done in case of intensive and various movement of sportsman and children. One of the dominant feature is springiness. Badminton is dynamic sport, that’s why it puts high demands to the surface.


Well sport surface combines features:

  • suitable springiness to take care of joints
  • suitable stiffness to right ball bounce
  • suitable light color
  • durability and strength especially during intensive using

Furthermore, badminton surface must protect players before slipping and enable quick start for the ball. It can’t loose properties, even if it will be damp or during intensive training.


Our permanent sports surface systems are based on two veryfied systems of floors:

  • system of compact flexible floor
  • system of joist wood floor


Depending on selected system and final surface (PCV, linoleum, parquet) it is possible to fit the surface to dominant sport in the object.


After relevant preparations, this kind of the floor is useful not only for badminton, but also for:

  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • handball
  • futsal and floorball
  • table tennis
  • dancing
  • events
  • gimnastics