For designers

They are various solution to prepare the floor where we assemble out carpet. Installation is possible on concrete. Sometimes we use also self-leveling concrete.

In preparation the floor very important is to fit all technical requirements to installation surface. For keeping high quality of surface, the floor should be smooth and flat. It should be also durable. Every raptures, unevenness are visible on carpet. If your surface is consist of asphalt, you will need also to speckle the floor.

Building requirements to allow correct installation

  • Supporting suffer surface should meet relevant standards of quality (DIN 18202, tab. 3 line 4)
  • Surface should be smooth, hard and scratch resistant! That means that the surface has to be so hard that you can’t mark it with a nail!!
  • In the case of concrerte surface all dilatation must be closed (maximum allowable hole is 1 mm)
  • Temperature of surface should be minimum 15 degrees
  • Building must have efficient electrical and light installation
  • Building must have access to sanitary point and post-assembly container
  • Every inside working must be finished (installation surface is the last one stage of working on the object)


industry flooring with higher requirements (EU norm DIN 18202, tab. 3 line 4)


  • During planing building you should take care about time of the outpouring of the floor. It should be pour much earlier (depending on climate) to achieve right humidity in the day of starting installation surface
  • Humidity of floor at the time of installation surface should be lower – 2% CM