Other sports

Surfaces offered by Schopp Sportboden GmbH are perfect solution for high intensivity sport objects, such as:


Sport and recreation hall

Schopp Poland prefers effective solutions which have been functioning for over 30 years in many European countries. Thanks to proven flexibility systems we can produce surfaces for all kind of sports.

School gyms

Good sport surface using by children must be easy-maintenance and durable for years. There are the main features, which determines when choosing correct type of surface. Other important feature is users safety. Choice of appropriate primer and correct surface reduce risk of injury, increase moving comfort and absorbs energy during falls.

For many years Schopp worked out effective solutions. Schopp surfaces are the best choice for children in school gyms, school football fields and school fields.

Event and sport hall

Nowdays, many objects are builded not only for sport purpose. This kind of objects should have universal surface with higher level of toughness.

Below there is a list of sports, for which Schopp surfaces are dedicated:

  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • handball
  • gimnastics
  • aerobic
  • futsal
  • floor ball
  • squash
  • table tennis
  • dancing


Event and sport hall

surface adventage

  • Thanks to special floor systems elastic, heat isolation can be obtained
  • Schopp surfaces guarantees anti-reflect properties
  • Wide range of colours
  • Depending on selected floor system it is possible to match the surface to dominant sport in the object
  • Different types of floor – makes the surface multifunctional
  • Possibility to add lines adequate to all types of sport disciplines
  • Easy to clean and keep in high hygiene standard